Naturehood publishes article in The New Brewer

5 Lessons from Nature to Green Your Brewery

A dark green, forested hillside frames Crannóg Ales, a farmhouse brewery in British Columbia, Canada. Douglas fir trees dot the forest, with brown trunks too big to reach your arms around. The ground is littered with soft, moist brown fir cones twice the size of a hop cone. The fir cones are both the trees' growth strategy and food for the squirrels. The trees defy gravity by carrying water and nutrients up their trunk without a pump. The soil, composed of tree needles and fallen branches, stores rainwater for the trees to use when they need it.

Next door to the forest, Brian MacIsaac, co-owner of Crannóg Ales, approaches brewing like a fir tree. Click here to read the rest of the article.